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Dockerfile for building a Don't Starve Together dedicated-server image.

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Don't Starve Together

Dockerfile for building a Don't Starve Together dedicated-server image.

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This repository provides a

for building the DST:A Dedicated Server for the online multi-player survival game Don't Starve Together.


  • [x] Configuration via ENV variables.
  • [x] Customized world generation via
  • [x] Mods and custom mod-configuration.
  • [x] Connected worlds via sharding.
  • [x] Control the server directly on the CLI.
  • [x] World-persistence on container destruction.
  • [ ] Automatic update of game files.
  • [ ] Automatic update of mod files.
  • [x] Sharing game and mod-files between instances.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does Steam take so long to update the game?
    It can happen that Steam takes a really long time to update the game. This is a known problem with SteamCMD - sort of a bug. One solution is to install a DNS cache on your system, which was reported to help regarding download speed.

References and Links

- DST Server Deploy Script


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