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Kick-Ass Universal RFR Demo That Answers Your SSR + Splitting Questions

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Edit Redux-First Router Demo

Universal Demonstration of Redux-First Router

This demo specializes in SSR and the sort of things like redirecting and authentication you will do on the server. For the simpler example that's easier to start with, check out the Redux-First Router Boilerplate.

redux-first-router-demo screenshot


git clone
cd redux-first-router-demo
yarn start

Files You Should Look At:

universal code: - src/routesMap.js - (observe thunks and

) - src/utils.js - (check

client code: - src/configureStore.js - (nothing new here) - src/components/Switcher.js - (universal component concept) - src/components/UniversalComponent.js - (universal component concept continued...) - src/components/Sidebar.js - (look at the different ways to link + dispatch URL-aware actions) - src/reducers/index.js - (observe simplicity of the

reducer. Also be cognizant of non-route action types)

server code: - server/index.js - (built-in ajax API + fake cookie handling) - server/render.js - (super simple thanks to webpack-flush-chunks) - server/configureStore.js - (this is the gem of the repo -- observe how to filter authentication)


I comment throughout the code various things you can try. Look out for comments starting with "TRY:" and "TASK:".

For example, there are simple values like the

you can toggle to get access to the restricted admin area. That showcases a key feature: authentication filtering.

In general, this Demo is all about SSR. It shows how to use the

to properly authenticate user's and routes using JSON Web Tokens. And of course data-fetching via
is central to it all. There's even a real API.

Lastly, the server/configureStore.js file is the absolute most important file of the demo. It essentially brings your routing-aware Redux store full circle by bringing it server-side in a dead simple yet flexible manner. It works in combination with src/routesMap.js. Study those and your redux routing dreams have come true πŸ˜€

As a bonus, it comes with code-splitting thanks to react-universal-component. This setup makes splitting stupid-easy. In the future, routing-aware pre-fetching will be added to the mix, so the users never know you're only serving partial parts of your app πŸš€


  • auth0-based signup/login that replaces current fake cookie/JWToken setup (PR welcome)

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