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Experimental modification of Mupen64GC using devkitRice.

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README : Wii64 / Cube64 Beta 1.1

LICENSE: This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 which is available at: This requires any released modifications to be licensed similarly, and to have the source available.

Wii64/Cube64 and their respective logos are trademarks of Team Wii64
  and should not be used in unofficial builds.

QUICK USAGE: * ROMs can be z64 (big-endian) or v64 (little endian), or .n64, of any size * To install: Extract the contents of to the root of your SD card * For SD/USB: Put ROMs in the directory named /wii64/roms, All save types will automatically be placed in /wii64/saves * For DVD: ROMs may be anywhere on the disc (requires DVDxV2 on Wii) * Load the executable from the HBC or in the loader of your choice Once loaded, select 'Load ROM' and choose the source and select the ROM to load (Note: to go up a directory select '..', B will exit the file browser) * Select 'Play Game' to play The game can be exited any time by pressing X and Y together on a GC pad or Classic Controller, 1 and 2 together on a Wiimote (only with Nunchuck attached), or the reset button (Note: this must be done to save your game; it will not be done automatically)

Controls: * Controls are now fully configurable so any button on your controller can be mapped * The controller configuration screen presents each N64 button and allows you to toggle through sources * There are 4 configuration slots for each type of controller * To load a different, previously saved configuration, select the slot, and click 'Load' * After configuring the controls as desired, select the slot, and click 'Save' * After saving different configurations to the slots, be sure to save your configs in the input tab of the settings frame * Clicking 'Next Pad' will cycle through the N64 controllers assigned * There is an option to invert the Y axis of the N64's analog stick; by default this is 'Normal Y' * The 'Menu Combo' configuration allows you to select a button combination to return to the menu

Settings: * General * Native Saves Device: Choose where to load and save native game saves * Save States Device: Choose where to load and save save states * Select CPU Core: Choose whether to play games with pure interpreter (better compatibility) or dynarec (better speed) * Save settings.cfg: Save all of these settings either SD or USB (to be loaded automatically next time) * Video * Show FPS: Display the framerate in the top-left corner of the screen * Screen Mode: Select the aspect ratio of the display; 'Force 16:9' will pillar-box the in-game display * CPU Framebuffer: Enable for games which only draw directly to the framebuffer (this will only need to be set for some homebrew demos) * 2xSaI Tex: Scale and Interpolate in-game textures (unstable on GC) * FB Textures: Enable framebuffer textures (necessary for some games to render everything correctly (e.g. Zelda Subscreen), but can impact performance; unstable on GC) * Input * Configure Input: Select controllers to use in game * Configure Paks: Select which controller paks to use in which controllers * Configure Buttons: Enter the controller configuration screen described above * Save Button Configs: Save all of the controller configuration slots to SD or USB * Auto Load Slot: Select which slot to automatically be loaded for each type of controller * Audio * Disable Audio: Select to mute the sound * Saves * Auto Save Native Saves: When enabled, the emulator will automatically load saves from the selected device on ROM load and save when returning to the menu or turning off the console * Copy Saves: Not yet implemented * Delete Saves: Not yet implemented

COMPATIBILITY LIST: Please visit to see what runs Report any issues to

CREDITS: * Core Coder: tehpola * Graphics & Menu Coder: sepp256 * General Coder: emu_kidid * Original mupen64: Hactarux * Artwork: drmr * Wii64 Demo ROM: marshallh * Compiled using devKitPro r19 and libOGC ( ) * Visit us on and

CHANGE LOG: Beta 1.1: * Dynarec improvements + Function linking + Recompiling more instructions (LWC1/LDC1/FP rounding/partially MTC0) * Execution from ROM * Branch comparisons compare 64-bits when necessary * glN64GX improvements + Pillar-boxing 'Force 16:9' mode * Fixed projection matrix for Rects * Fixed viewport and scissoring edge cases * Fixed matrix transforms for several microcodes * Improved EFB handling wrt VI timing * Added upper limit to texture meta data * Improved FPS display and loading icon stability * Menu improvements + Reconfigurable button mapping + Save/Load button mapping from file + ROMs displayed in alphabetical order + Navigate filebrowser pages with R/L and +/- buttons + Navigate settings tabs with R/L and +/- buttons + Invalid ROM type detection + Error message if /wii64/roms doesn't exist * Autosave is now the default setting * Changed C-Stick deadzone * Compiled with devkitPPC r19 / libOGC 1.8.1 * Fixed resetting flashrom on ROM reset Wii: * Compiled with new libDI / DVDx V2 * DVD reads are now done with direct PowerPC access * Controller improvements + Rumble for Wiimote-based input + Wiimote-only controls + IR/Accelerometer analog input * Fixed ROM cache bug for ROMs > ROM cache size GC: * Settings.cfg saving fixed * Moved TLB & blocks array to ARAM * Increased recompiler code cache size - ARAM ROM cache + 2Mb MEM1 ROM cache Beta 1: + Dynamic Recompiler + Expansion Pak Support (Wii only) + New menu system + Classic Controller support + Wiimote & nunchuck support + Settings saving + Auto load/save option for saves + rsphle RSP Plugin Port - rsphle-ppc RSP Plugin + glN64 features & bugfixes + 2xSaI + glN64 frame buffer textures (e.g. Zelda sub screen) + glN64 CPU Frame buffer (for homebrew demos) + libDI Wii DVD ROM loading support + Full TLB on Wii * Many many bug fixes * MEM2 ROM Cache for Wii improved (512MBiT ROM support) * Memory LUTs compacted r3xx: + glN64 Port + MEM2 ROM Cache for Wii (fits 32MB ROMs) + Save/Load on Wii Filesystem + Progressive video support + Embedded font support for Qoob users * Threaded audio * Various GXgfx fixes * Reworked input plugin + Modular controller input + Developer Features submenu * Toggle FPS/Debug display r200: * Replaced GUI + Menu system + Menu file browser * Replaced file handling system + Modular file read/writes * Gameplay resumable after exiting to menu + Game reset option * Multiple ROMs may be loaded without crashing/freezing + Fancy splash screen and credits * Fixed software graphics support + Working audio (choppy) + Partial support for little-endian ROMs + Rumble pak support r46: + DVD loading r43: + GX graphics - Software graphics r40: * Any size ROM support from SD card * Pure Interpreter support only for now * Software GFX * Controller/Mempak support * Saving to SD card * Text UI * 4 MB RAM support (no expansion pack)

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