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πŸ”₯βš›οΈπŸ“± Expo + Firebase Starter Kit

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expo-firebase-starter πŸ”₯

Supports Expo iOS Supports Expo Android

Is a quicker way to start with Expo + Firebase (using JS SDK) projects. It includes:

  • based on Expo SDK
  • navigation using
  • Firebase JS SDK v9
  • Firebase as backend for email auth
  • custom and reusable components
  • custom hook to toggle password field visibility on a TextInput
  • handles server errors using Formik
  • Login, Signup & Password Reset form built using Formik & yup
  • show/hide Password Field's visibility πŸ‘
  • uses a custom Provider using Context API & Firebase's
    handler to checks user's auth state with
  • handles Forgot Password Reset using Firebase email method
  • uses Expo Vector Icons
  • uses KeyboardAwareScrollView package to handle keyboard appearance and automatically scrolls to focused TextInput
  • uses
    packages to manage environment variables (so that they are not exposed on public repositories)
  • all components are now functional components and use React Hooks


  1. Create a new project using the firebase starter template.
$ npx create-react-native-app --template
  1. Rename the file
  2. Update
    with your own configuration, e.g.:
# Rename this file to ".env" before use
# Replace XXXX's with your own Firebase config keys
  1. Start the project:
  • yarn ios
    -- open on iOS
  • yarn android
    -- open on Android

File Structure

Expo Firebase Starter
β”œβ”€β”€ assets ➑️ All static assets, includes app logo
β”œβ”€β”€ components ➑️ All re-suable UI components for form screens
β”‚   └── Button.js ➑️ Custom Button component using Pressable, comes with two variants and handles opacity
β”‚   └── TextInput.js ➑️ Custom TextInput component that supports left and right cons
β”‚   └── Icon.js ➑️ Icon component
β”‚   └── FormErrorMessage.js ➑️ Component to display server errors from Firebase
β”‚   └── LoadingIndicator.js ➑️ Loading indicator component
β”‚   └── Logo.js ➑️ Logo component
β”‚   └── View.js ➑️ Custom View component that supports safe area views
β”œβ”€β”€ hooks ➑️ All custom hook components
β”‚   └── useTogglePasswordVisibility.js ➑️ A custom hook that toggles password visibility on a TextInput component on a confirm password field
β”œβ”€β”€ config ➑️ All configuration files
β”‚   └── firebase.js ➑️ Configuration file to initialize firebase with firebaseConfig and auth
β”‚   └── images.js ➑️ Require image assets, reusable values across the app
β”‚   └── theme.js ➑️ Default set of colors, reusable values across the app
β”œβ”€β”€ providers ➑️ All custom providers that use React Context API
β”‚   └── AuthenticatedUserProvider.js ➑️ An Auth User Context component that shares Firebase user object when logged-in
β”œβ”€β”€ navigation
β”‚   └── AppStack.js ➑️ Protected routes such as Home screen
β”‚   └── AuthStack.js ➑️ Routes such as Login screen, when the user is not authenticated
β”‚   └── RootNavigator.js ➑️ Switch between Auth screens and App screens based on Firebase user logged-in state
β”œβ”€β”€ screens
β”‚   └── ForgotPassword.js ➑️ Forgot Password screen component
β”‚   └── HomeScreen.js ➑️ Protected route/screen component
β”‚   └── LoginScreen.js ➑️ Login screen component
β”‚   └── SignupScreen.js ➑️ Signup screen component
β”œβ”€β”€ App.js ➑️ Entry Point for Mobile apps, wrap all providers here
β”œβ”€β”€ app.config.js ➑️ Expo config file
└── babel.config.js ➑️ Babel config (should be using `babel-preset-expo`)


Main screens:

  • Login
  • Signup
  • Forgot password
  • Home (Bare Minimum) with a logout button

Login screen with validation

Successful Signup

Forgot Password

Validation on Signup screens

⚠️ Please Note

Expo uses Firebase Web SDK and does not support all Firebase services such as phone auth. If you are looking forward to use those services, please use

in a Expo bare project, or an Expo custom dev client or a plain React Native project.

Here is more on what and why Expo cannot support complete Firebase integration

Built with πŸ’œ by @amanhimself

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