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A base starter for metalsmith project

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Metalsmith Base

A metalsmith base starter kit used at Some features:


mkdir newproject
git clone [email protected]:evocode/metalsmith-base.git newproject
cd newproject
npm install


This command will fully build a development version of the site, start the gulp watchers, and setup a development server. The command output will list the server address to open in your browser.

npm run start


This command will build a production version of the site and sync it with a git repository, ready to be comitted.

To link the build process to your repository, you can do of the following options:

  1. Create a repo dotfile:
    echo "[email protected]:username/repository.git" > .buildrepo
  2. Edit
    script section:
    "build": "./node_modules/.bin/gulp --production --build && ./ [email protected]:username/repository.git"

After the repository is setup, simply run:

npm run build


  1. npm run dev
    - Run a development build
  2. npm run start
    - Run a development build, start the development server and watchers
  3. npm run debug
    - Run a development build in debug mode
  4. npm run production
    - Run a production build, compiles assets and minifies
  5. npm run build
    - Run a production build and sync with git
  6. npm run watch
    - Start the gulp watchers
  7. npm run vendor
    - Copies over any vendor files from node_modules to metalsmith assets

All commands can be run directly with:


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