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VIM Configuration for Python / Cython / C Development

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VIM Configuration for Python / Cython / C Development.

Keep calm and use VIM!


  • VIM 7.4
  • git
  • bash 3.2+

How does it look?

.. image::


You can install it by using CLI just have next command executed:

.. code-block:: bash

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

During execution of init script do not worry about error messages. When it occurs just press enter and wait till all plugins are installed.


Current bundle use one of the most comprehensive plugins for autocompletion -

. YouCompleteMe autocompletion plugin requires additional installation that depends on environment and functionality you want to have. Detailed instructions could be found on plugin page:

Note: Installation for Mac OS with support of clang compiler looks like this:

.. code-block:: bash

~/.vim/bundle/YouCompleteMe/ --clang-completer

Key bindings

This configuration tends to use standard VIM and installed plugins key bindings, but there are some custom key bindings as well:

.. code::

# Common key bindings:

inoremap jj # Esc alternative inoremap jk # Esc alternative

nmap # Jump to the previous buffer nmap # Jump to the next buffer

nmap q # Delete buffer nmap " # Toggle NERDTree buffer

Python mode key bindings:

let g:pymode_doc_key='K' let g:pymode_breakpoint_key='b' let g:pymode_run_bind=''

nmap g :YcmCompleter GoTo nmap d :YcmCompleter GoToDefinition

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