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Contains ESnet network mapping and circuit rendering code, as used in the ESnet portal.

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React Network Diagrams

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This repository contains an initial set of React circuit drawing and network mapping components which are used within the ESnet Portal, but are not tied to ESnet, or even to network visualization.

The mapping portion of this library is used in the public facing ESnet Portal. The circuit diagrams code us used internally to track ESnet circuits in the ESDB.

Current features of the library include:

  • Circuit diagrams:
    • Basic
    • Concatenated
    • Parallel
  • Circuit couplers
  • Patch panel diagrams
  • Topology mapping
    • Higher level network traffic visualization
    • Linear, arc, bidirectional traffic and square edge types
  • Route rendering

Please browse the examples for a feel for the library, or read on to get started.

Getting started

The charts library is intended to be used with npm and the built into your project with something like webpack.

npm install react-network-diagrams --save

Once installed, you can import the necessary components from the library:

import { TrafficMap } from "react-network-diagrams";

You can then

the traffic map in your component:

See the examples for more information.


To run the examples yourself you first need to run:

npm install lerna
lerna bootstrap

This will install the development dependencies into your node_modules directory.

You can then start up the test server, as well as automatic source building, by doing:

npm run start

And now, for the magic, point your browser to:


From now on, if you change the source code, the examples bundle will be rebuilt and the browser will refresh itself. Errors will also be reported in the browser window.

Before committing back, run:

npm run build

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