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handling 1M websockets connections in Go

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Going Infinite, handling 1M websockets connections in Go

This repository holds the complete implementation of the examples seen in Gophercon Israel talk, 2019.

Going Infinite, handling 1 millions websockets connections in Go / Eran Yanay — [ Video | Slides ]

It doesnt intend or claim to serve as a better, more optimal implementation than other libraries that implements the websocket protocol, it simply shows a set of tools, all combined together to demonstrate a server written in pure Go that is able to serve more than a million websockets connections with less than 1GB of ram.


This repository demonstrates how a very high number of websockets connections can be maintained efficiently in Linux

Everything is written in pure Go

Each folder shows an example of a server implementation that overcomes various issues raised by the OS, by the hardware or the Go runtime itself, as shown during the talk.

is a wrapper to running multiple instances using Docker. See content of the script for more details of how to use it.

is a wrapper to stop all running clients.

A single client instance can be executed by running

go run client.go -conn=

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