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CLIze: Turn Python functions into command-line interfaces

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Clize is an argument parser for

_. You can use Clize as an alternative to
if you want an even easier way to create command-line interfaces.

With Clize, you can:

  • Create command-line interfaces by creating functions and passing them to
  • Enjoy a CLI automatically created from your functions' parameters.
  • Bring your users familiar
    messages generated from your docstrings.
  • Reuse functionality across multiple commands using decorators.
  • Extend Clize with new parameter behavior.

Here's an example:

.. code-block:: python

from clize import run

def hello_world(name=None, *, no_capitalize=False): """Greets the world or the given name.

:param name: If specified, only greet this person.
:param no_capitalize: Don't capitalize the given name.
if name:
    if not no_capitalize:
        name = name.title()
    return 'Hello {0}!'.format(name)
return 'Hello world!'

if name == 'main': run(hello_world)

Python 2.7 is supported through


The python code above can now be used on the command-line as follows:

.. code-block:: console

$ pip install clize
$ python3 --help
    Usage: [OPTIONS] name

Greets the world or the given name.

Positional arguments:
  name   If specified, only greet this person.

  --no-capitalize   Don't capitalize the given name.

Other actions:
  -h, --help   Show the help

$ python3 Hello world! $ python3 john Hello John! $ python3 dave --no-capitalize Hello dave!

You can find the documentation and tutorials at

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