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Enso – a visual and textual functional programming language.

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Enso is an open source visual data science language selected by Singularity University and NASA as one of 20 most unique technologies worldwide. Enso consists of several sub-projects, including the Enso Language Compiler, the Enso Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and a high performance WebGL UI framework (EnsoGL).

Getting Started

Enso is distributed both in form of pre-build packages for MacOS, Windows, or Linux, as well as the source code. See the demo scenes, and read the documentation to learn more.

Currently to start IDE you have to run Enso Project Manager first. For more information and packages see Enso repository.


The project builds on MacOS, Linux, and Windows. Simply run

node ./run build
to build it and use
node ./run --help
to learn about other available commands and options. Read the detailed development guide to learn more.


The Enso Language Compiler is released under the terms of the Apache v2 License. The Enso Graphical Interface and it's rendering engine are released under the terms of the AGPL v3 License. This license set was choosen to both provide you with a complete freedom to use Enso, create libraries, and release them under any license of your choice, while also allowing us to release commercial products on top of the platform, including Enso Cloud and Enso Enterprise on-premise server managers.


Enso is a community-driven open source project which is and will always be open and free to use. We are committed to a fully transparent development process and highly appreciate every contribution. If you love the vision behind Enso and you want to redefine the data processing world, join us and help us track down bugs, implement new features, improve the documentation or spread the word! Join our community on a Discord chat and read the development and contributing guidelines.

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