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h1. Engine Yard Rails Development Directory Web Application

h2. Bootstrapping

To get set up, first up, create your MySQL database:

rake db:create

Then run the bootstrap task:

rake bootstrap

The bootstrap task will ask you for a username and password for a regular user that will have ownership of the provider that is created, as well as another user that will have admin rights.

You'll also need to create a site_config.yml file in the config/ dir. You can start with the example:

cp config/site_config.yml.example config/site_config.yml

h2. Running the unit tests

Create the test database...

rake testing db:create

... and populate it:

rake db:test:clone

Run the tests:

rake spec

or using ZenTest


h2. Running the cucumber acceptance tests

cucumber features

or add them to your ZenTests:

AUTOFEATURE=true autospec

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