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EmuTOS is a Free operating system for Atari ST computers, and more.

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This release has been built on Linux Mint (a Ubuntu derivative), using Vincent Rivière's GCC 4.6.4 cross-compiler. The custom tools used in the build process were built with native GCC 4.8.4.

The source package and other binary packages are available at: https://sourceforge.net/projects/emutos/files/emutos/1.0/

The extras directory (if provided) contains: (1) one or more alternate desktop icon sets, which you can use to replace the builtin ones. You can use a standard resource editor to see what the replacement icons look like. To use a replacement set, move or rename the existing emuicon.rsc & emuicon.def files in the root directory, then copy the files containing the desired icons to the root, and rename them to emuicon.rsc/emuicon.def. (2) a sample mouse cursor set in a resource (emucurs.rsc/emucurs.def). This set is the same as the builtin ones, but you can use it as a basis to create your own mouse cursors. To use a replacement set, copy the files containing the desired mouse cursors to the root, and rename them to emucurs.rsc/emucurs.def. For further information on the above, see doc/emudesk.txt.

If you want to read more about EmuTOS, please take a look at these files:

doc/announce.txt - Introduction and general description, including a summary of changes since the previous version doc/authors.txt - A list of the authors of EmuTOS doc/bugs.txt - Currently known bugs doc/changelog.txt - A summarised list of changes after release 0.9.4 doc/emudesk.txt - A brief guide to the newer features of the desktop doc/incompatible.txt - Programs incompatible with EmuTOS due to program bugs doc/license.txt - The FSF General Public License for EmuTOS doc/status.txt - What is implemented and running (or not yet) doc/todo.txt - What should be done in future versions doc/xhdi.txt - Current XHDI implementation status

Additional information for developers (just in the source archive):

doc/install.txt - How to build EmuTOS from sources doc/coding.txt - EmuTOS coding standards (never used :-) ) doc/country.txt - An overview of i18n issues in EmuTOS doc/fat16.txt - Notes on the FAT16 filesystem in EmuTOS doc/memdetect.txt - Memory bank detection during EmuTOS startup doc/nls.txt - How to add a native language or use one doc/old_changelog.txt - A summarised list of changes up to & including release 0.9.4 doc/osmemory.txt - All about OS internal memory in EmuTOS doc/reschange.txt - How resolution change works in the desktop doc/resource.txt - Modifying resources in EmuTOS doc/startup.txt - Some notes on the EmuTOS startup sequence doc/tos14fix.txt - Lists bugs fixed by TOS 1.04 & their status in EmuTOS

The following documents are principally of historical interest only:

doc/old_code.txt - A museum of bugs due to old C language doc/vdibind.txt - Old information on VDI bindings

-- The EmuTOS development team https://emutos.sourceforge.io/

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