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Code for our CVPR 2018 paper - Human Semantic Parsing for Person Re-identification

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Human Semantic Parsing for Person Re-identification

Code for our CVPR 2018 paper - Human Semantic Parsing for Person Re-identification We have used Chainer framework for the implementation. SPReIDw/fg and SPReIDw/fg-ft results mentioned in Table 5 (with weight sharing setting) in the paper can be reproduced using this code.

Please use the links below to download the semantic parsing model (LIPiter30000.chainermodel) and the inceptionv3 weights pre-trained on imagenet (data/dump/): * semantic parsing model * inceptionv3 weights

Directories & Files

├── checkpoints/  # checkpoint models are saved into this directory
├── data/dump/  # inceptionv3 weights pre-trained on imagenet. download using this [link] (
├── evaluation_features/ # extracted features are saved into this directory
├── evaluation_list/ # there are two image lists to extract features for each evaluation datasets, one for gallery and one for query
│   ├── cuhk03_gallery.txt
│   ├── cuhk03_query.txt
│   ├── duke_gallery.txt
│   ├── duke_query.txt
│   ├── market_gallery.txt
│   └── market_query.txt
├── train_list/ # image lists to train the models
│   ├── train_10d.txt # training images collected from 10 datasets
│   ├── train_cuhk03.txt # training images from cuhk03
│   ├── train_duke.txt # training images from duke
│   └── train_market.txt # training images from market
├── LIP_iter_30000.chainermodel # download this model using this [link](


# train SPReID on 10 datasets
python --train_set "train_10d" --label_dim "16803" --scales_reid "512,170" --optimizer "lr:0.01--lr_pretrained:0.01" --dataset_folder "/path/to/the/dataset"
# fine-tune SPReID on evaluation datasets (Market-1501, DukeMTMC-reID, CUHK03) with high-resolution images
python --train_set "train_market" --label_dim_ft "751" --scales_reid "778,255" --optimizer "lr:0.01--lr_pretrained:0.001" --max_iter "50000" --dataset_folder "/path/to/the/dataset" --model_path_for_ft "/path/to/the/model"
python --train_set "train_duke" --label_dim_ft "702" --scales_reid "778,255" --optimizer "lr:0.01--lr_pretrained:0.001" --max_iter "50000" --dataset_folder "/path/to/the/dataset" --model_path_for_ft "/path/to/the/model"
python --train_set "train_cuhk03" --label_dim_ft "1367" --scales_reid "778,255" --optimizer "lr:0.01--lr_pretrained:0.001" --max_iter "50000" --dataset_folder "/path/to/the/dataset" --model_path_for_ft "/path/to/the/model"

Feature Extraction

# Extract features using the model trained on 10 datasets. You should run this command two times for each dataset using --eval_split "DATASET_gallery" and --eval_split "DATASET_query"
python --extract_features 1 --train_set "train_10d" --eval_split "market_gallery" --scales_reid "512,170" --checkpoint 200000 --dataset_folder "/path/to/the/dataset"
# Extract features using the models trained on evaluation datasets.
python --extract_features 1 --train_set "train_market" --eval_split "market_gallery" --scales_reid "778,255" --checkpoint 50000 --dataset_folder "/path/to/the/dataset"
python --extract_features 1 --train_set "train_duke" --eval_split "duke_gallery" --scales_reid "778,255" --checkpoint 50000 --dataset_folder "/path/to/the/dataset"
python --extract_features 1 --train_set "train_cuhk03" --eval_split "cuhk03_gallery" --scales_reid "778,255" --checkpoint 50000 --dataset_folder "/path/to/the/dataset"


Market-1501 CUHK03 DukeMTMC-reID
Model mAP(%) rank-1 mAP(%) rank-1 mAP(%) rank-1
SPReIDw/fg 77.62 90.88 - 87.69 65.66 81.73
SPReIDw/fg-ft 80.54 92.34 - 89.68 69.29 83.80


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title = {Human Semantic Parsing for Person Re-Identification},
booktitle = {The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)},
month = {June},
year = {2018}

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