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Webpack tutorial held at Uppsala JS

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This repo contains what was demonstrated on Uppsala.js, November 3, 2016.

Together we built a Javascript app and explored many parts of Webpack and how we can use Webpack to create production ready code as well as use it to help with our development process.

Tutorial explains:

  • What is Webpack
  • Webpack vs Gulp, Grunt, Browserify, Rollup, NPM Scripts
  • How to create a production ready bundle
  • How to do code splitting
  • How to do dead code elimination
  • How to do tree shaking to remove dead code
  • How to do hot module replacement (HMR)
  • How to do hot/live reload
  • How to use ES6/ES.next/ES2015 code in production with Babel
  • How to load images
  • How to load style (css)
  • ...and more

Video and Slides

YouTube Screenshot


1. Install

# Clone this repo
git clone https://github.com/emiloberg/webpack-tutorial.git

Install dependencies

npm install

Run for development

npm run dev

go to http://localhost:8080

Run for production

npm run build


Things in the presentation

State of Javascript


Webpack Dev Server



More things to read


Feel free to contact me:

// Emil Oberg

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