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THIS IS OLD. The new kismet has websockets which would make building something like this easier.

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This is a major new rewrite of the mobile UI. Ideally I want to test it more but with #hackersummercamp around the corner, I just don't have the time.

Major functional updates:

  1. Devices are now click-able to drill down in details. example: Ap -> List of APs -> AP and its clients. -> client details.
  2. login via the mobile dashboard is now possible.
  3. Pause/Restart of datasources. (you cannot start/stop interfaces itself)

Limitations: 1. Cannot start/stop interface. 2. Cannot handle non-English SSIDs.

THIS IS A VERY EARLY ALPHA RELEASE...things might not work .

Prerequisite: git-master level kismet.


  • git clone into the kismet git. ("/home/[whatever]/kismet")

    • cd into kismetmobiledashboard
    • sudo make install

2.Access it via : http://localhost:2501/plugin/mobiledashboard/

The trailing "/" is important. Without it you will get a 404.

Its still very eary in development but it should work.

To get "full screen" UI , access the page via your normal browser on the mobile device and then create a shortcut on the "home screen."

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