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AutoConnect CallBack function

  • Use this function if you want to use autoconnect(and auto reconnect) facility
  • This function is called whenever TCP connection is established (or re-established).

connect function

  • This function can be used to connect your client to MQTT broker.
  • Use only if you do not use Auto connect functionality.
  • Optionally you can use username, password, WILL topic and WILL Message.

OnConnect CallBack function

  • This call back function is called when MQTT connection is established.
  • You can call subscription and publish functions inside it (according to your need).

Publish function

  • This function can be used to publish messages to different topics.
  • You can select QoS levels and RETAIN flag according to your need.

Subscribe function

  • This function can be used to subscribe messages from different topics.

OnMessage CallBack function

  • This callback function is called when messages are received from subscribed topics
  • Topic, TopicLength, Message, MessageLength are the arguments of OnMessage callback function.
  • Inside this, you can write your custom code.

unsubscribe function

  • This function can be used to unsubscribe from a previously subscribed topic.

disconnect function

  • This function can be used to disconnect your client from MQTT broker.

available function

  • return true when connection with mqtt brocker is existing

Other Features :

  • You can specify your KeepAlive duration while initializing.
  • Ping requests are sent and received automatically.
  • QoS 0,1,2

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