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A focused, minimum viable product (hence MVP) for a website that accompanied the release of elementary OS Freya.

Project Organization

  • Issues for individual actionable items, or bugs i.e.:
    • Design home page
    • Implement home page
    • Add payment form
    • Fix link to Wired article
  • Milestones for "releases" or overall steps, i.e.:
    • Single-page site
    • User Documentation
    • Journal
  • Reviews Do all work in branches, then submit pull requests for review when ready
    • No dummy content in master, ever.
    • Small diff is best diff.
    • The reviewer is the gatekeeper. Be kind of a dick.


  • HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Super simple PHP-based templating system
  • No/minimal frameworks (keep it simple!)
  • Graceful degradation (don't be held back by crappy browsers)
  • Mobile-first

Templating System

  • PHP-based
  • Pages go in root as .php files
  • require_once '_backend/preload.php';
    , set any variables, then
    include $template['header'];
    (see code-of-conduct for an example) at top of page.
  • include $template['footer'];
    at bottom of page.
  • Page variables:
    • $page['title']
    • $page['description']
    • $page['author']


See guidelines for coding and translating.


Please see for information about disclosure policy and contact.


This project has a MIT license.

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