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🌍 The home of Electron's translated documentation

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A home for Electron's translated documentation.

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Do you speak multiple languages? We need your help!

To get started translating, visit and log in with your GitHub account.

The following languages are currently being translated:


If you're just here to translate content, see above. ☝️

If you're here to actually use this translated content for some purpose, read on! This project is published to npm as a module containing all the translated docs.

npm install electron-i18n



module has no dependencies and exports no functions. It is simply a large JSON object containing all of Electron's API docs and tutorial content, in every language.

Require the module in your code:

const i18n = require('electron-i18n')

is an object with the following keys:
  • electronLatestStableTag
    is a string like
  • docs
    - see #docs
  • locales
    - see #locales
  • website
    - see #website
  • date
    is a timestamp

is an object with locale strings as keys:
> Object.keys(
[ 'en-US', 'fr-FR', 'ja-JP', 'zh-CN', '...']

Each locale object contains an object with doc HREFs as keys:

> Object.keys(['en-US'])

Each doc object contains metadata and an HTML version of itself, ready to be rendered:

  locale: 'en-US',
  slug: 'app',
  category: 'api',
  categoryFancy: 'API',
  href: '/docs/api/app',
  title: 'app',
  description: '\nControl your application\'s event lifecycle.\n'
  githubUrl: '',
  crowdinFileId: '123',
  isTutorial: false,
  isApiDoc: true,
  isDevTutorial: false,
  isApiStructureDoc: false,
  markdown: '...',
  html: '...'


is an object with locale strings as keys:
> Object.keys(i18n.locales)
[ 'en-US', 'fr-FR', 'ja-JP', 'zh-CN', '...']

Each locale object contains language names, country info, and translation progress:

> i18n.locales['en-US']
{ locale: 'en-US',
  languageCode: 'en',
  languageName: 'English',
  languageNativeName: 'English',
  countryCode: 'US',
  countryName: 'United States',
  stats: {
    translated_progress: 100,
    approved_progress: 100

contains localized versions of electron/

It is an object with locale strings as keys:

> Object.keys(i18n.locales)
[ 'en-US', 'fr-FR', 'ja-JP', 'zh-CN', '...']
  tagline: 'Développez des applications desktop multi-plateformes avec JavaScript, HTML et CSS',
  nav: '...'



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