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Kibana is your window into the Elastic Stack. Specifically, it's a browser-based analytics and search dashboard for Elasticsearch.

Getting Started

If you just want to try Kibana out, check out the Elastic Stack Getting Started Page to give it a whirl.

If you're interested in diving a bit deeper and getting a taste of Kibana's capabilities, head over to the Kibana Getting Started Page.

Using a Kibana Release

If you want to use a Kibana release in production, give it a test run, or just play around:

Building and Running Kibana, and/or Contributing Code

You might want to build Kibana locally to contribute some code, test out the latest features, or try out an open PR:


Visit for the full Kibana documentation.

For information about building the documentation, see the README in elastic/docs.

Version Compatibility with Elasticsearch

Ideally, you should be running Elasticsearch and Kibana with matching version numbers. If your Elasticsearch has an older version number or a newer major number than Kibana, then Kibana will fail to run. If Elasticsearch has a newer minor or patch number than Kibana, then the Kibana Server will log a warning.

Note: The version numbers below are only examples, meant to illustrate the relationships between different types of version numbers.

| Situation | Example Kibana version | Example ES version | Outcome | | ------------------------- | -------------------------- |------------------- | ------- | | Versions are the same. | 5.1.2 | 5.1.2 | 💚 OK | | ES patch number is newer. | 5.1.2 | 5.1.5 | ⚠️ Logged warning | | ES minor number is newer. | 5.1.2 | 5.5.0 | ⚠️ Logged warning | | ES major number is newer. | 5.1.2 | 6.0.0 | 🚫 Fatal error | | ES patch number is older. | 5.1.2 | 5.1.0 | ⚠️ Logged warning | | ES minor number is older. | 5.1.2 | 5.0.0 | 🚫 Fatal error | | ES major number is older. | 5.1.2 | 4.0.0 | 🚫 Fatal error |

Questions? Problems? Suggestions?

  • If you've found a bug or want to request a feature, please create a GitHub Issue. Please check to make sure someone else hasn't already created an issue for the same topic.
  • Need help using Kibana? Ask away on our Kibana Discuss Forum and a fellow community member or Elastic engineer will be glad to help you out.

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