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ğŸŽ§ An open source web scrobbler for

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What is this?

An open source scrobbler for the web. Just login and scrobble the track(s) you want! This tool lets you scrobble songs you heard on the radio, vinyls or at some place where you need to manually scrobble.

You may use it directly from here:

What is scrobbling, you ask? It's tracking the music you listen to, using

Help us make it better!

This tool is open source and free. You can support its development by becoming a Patron (you'll have a distinct identifier in the application and get a sneak peek into what's coming next! :sparkles: )


Contributions and suggestions are welcome. Please read the contribution guidelines for more information. Issues labeled with "help wanted" are great candidates if you don't know where to begin!


Updating translations is very easy. There's a short guide in the contribution guidelines :)


You'll need a API account! (and probably a Discogs API key as well)

  • Run
    to download the required libraries.
  • Copy
    and fill in the required constants.
  • Docker and Docker Compose are required to run the API server locally.


You will need to copy

and update the file to execute the tests. Don't use account credentials from a real account!

Tests can be run with

yarn test
, Cypress console can be accessed with
yarn cypress
. At this moment tests are in an experimental WIP phase.


Just start the application with

yarn start
(it will launch both the API server and the React application). A database debugging utility will be available on localhost:8080.



script should be enough! :)

Thank you!

One of the best things about open source is the great community around projects. The Open Scrobbler has several contributors and each one of them has made this tool better for everyone. Thanks to all of them!

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