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Experimental framework for building server-rendered or static websites, powered by React and esbuild, hella fast.

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A framework for building server-rendered or static websites, powered by React and esbuild.

This framework is not production-ready yet, since esbuild itself is not mature enough, (but evanw is working on that).


Each rebuild is a full bundle (both server-side and client-side) yet takes only <100ms.

Differences to Vite / Snowpack

They all use esbuild too but:

  • Maho can also do server-side rendering
  • Maho uses esbuild for the whole bundle process instead of only using it to compile TypeScript, FYI they use Rollup in production build which is still much slower than esbuild.
  • Maho is a React framework, Vue integration will be done in another framework: Ream, and the progress totally depends on my funding status.


yarn add maho


This basic usage is very similar to Next.js.

You can create new project with

# For npm
npx create-maho-app my-app

For yarn

yarn create maho-app my-app

For pnpm

pnpx create-maho-app my-app


Nested routes and dynamic routes

Work in Progress.

Server-side data fetching

Work in Progress.

export const load = async () => {
  const posts = await getPosts()
  return {

export default () => { const { posts } = useData()


{ =>

Code splitting

🚧 upstream: esbuild: only work with esm format

CSS support

🚧 upstream: esbuild

Though directly importing CSS in your JavaScript / TypeScript code is not yet supported, you can use CSS-in-JS solutions like emotion without any configuration, alternatively you can have CSS files in

folder and reference them using

 tag in your components.

Hot reloading

Currently it supports live reload.


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