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👨 A (mostly) headless blogging platform built atop Nuxt & Gist.

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A (mostly) headless blogging platform built atop Nuxt & Gist.




Gustavo is an opinionated, (mostly) headless blogging platform built to use:

  • Github Gist
  • Nuxt (Vue 2.x)
  • Docker

Using a simple naming schema, Gustavo can create a whole blog for you in seconds. Don't believe me? Check out the gist that is my blog.

Creating content

You can create content for your blog by simply creating files in a gist that follow this schema:

| Type | Naming | Example | |-------------|-------------------------| --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | post |

| link | | page |
| link | | navigation |
| link | | navigation |
(deprecated)| link | | image | clone gist and upload | link | | draft |
| |

Here is the gist that powers this blog.

Getting started

To create a blog, follow these steps:

  1. Create your gist and add some content.

  2. Create

    with the following:
module.exports = {
  title: 'My gustavo blog',
  gistId: '<< gist id >>',
  githubToken: '<< token >>', /* optional, recommended */
  googleAnalyticsId: 'UA-X-XXXXX'

Note: you'll want to create a personal access token on Github because Gustavo uses the Gist API, and without the token and although it will still work, your blog will be rate limited.

  1. Create a
    with the following:
FROM eggplanet/gustavo:latest
  1. Let's start it up:
$ docker build -t my-gustavo-blog .
$ docker run -p 3000:3000 my-gustavo-blog

Your blog will be running at http://localhost:3000


Deploying gustavo is simple. The recommended method is Now by Zeit.

$ now secrets add gustavo-github-token 
$ now secrets add gustavo-gist-id 
$ now -e [email protected] -e [email protected] --docker
$ now alias


  • MIT


Releasing a new image

$ docker build -t eggplanet/gustavo:latest .
$ docker push eggplanet/gustavo:latest




  • Initial release

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