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What is EdgeDB?

EdgeDB is an open-source object-relational database built on top of PostgreSQL. The goal of EdgeDB is to empower its users to build safe and efficient software with less effort.

EdgeDB features:

  • strict, strongly typed schema;
  • powerful and expressive query language;
  • rich standard library;
  • built-in support for schema migrations;
  • native GraphQL support.

Check out the blog posts for more examples and the philosophy behind EdgeDB.

Modern Type-safe Schema

The data schema in EdgeDB is a clean high-level representation of a conceptual data model:

type User {
    required property name -> str;

type Person { required property first_name -> str; required property last_name -> str; }

type Review { required property body -> str; required property rating -> int64 { constraint min_value(0); constraint max_value(5); }

required link author -> User;
required link movie -> Movie;

required property creation_time -> cal::local_datetime;


type Movie { required property title -> str; required property year -> int64; required property description -> str;

multi link directors -> Person;
multi link cast -> Person;

property avg_rating := math::mean(.<movie review>

EdgeDB has a rich library of datatypes and functions.


EdgeQL is the query language of EdgeDB. It is efficient, intuitive, and easy to learn.

EdgeQL supports fetching object hierarchies with arbitrary level of nesting, filtering, sorting and aggregation:

    latest_reviews := (
        WITH UserReviews := User.$id


EdgeDB is currently in beta. See our Issues for a list of features planned or in development.

Getting Started

Please refer to the Tutorial section of the documentation on how to install and run EdgeDB.


The EdgeDB documentation can be found at

Building From Source

Please follow the instructions outlined in the documentation.


The code in this repository is developed and distributed under the Apache 2.0 license. See LICENSE for details.

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