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🔬 a Vue.js testing utility library

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a Vue.js testing utility library


This library will be deprecated once vue-test-utils is released.


npm install --save-dev avoriaz


Visit the docs


Assert wrapper contains a child
import { mount } from 'avoriaz'
import Foo from './Foo.vue'

const wrapper = mount(Foo) expect(wrapper.contains('.bar')).to.equal(true)

Shallow render components
import { shallow } from 'avoriaz'
import Foo from './Foo.vue'
import Bar from './Bar.vue'

const wrapper = shallow(Foo) expect(wrapper.contains(Bar)).to.equal(true)

Assert style is rendered
const button = wrapper.find('div > button .button-child')[0]
expect(button.hasStyle('color', 'red')).to.equal(true)
Assert method is called when DOM event is triggered
const clickHandler = sinon.stub()
const wrapper = mount(Foo, {
  propsData: { clickHandler }
wrapper.find('div .bar')[0].trigger('click')
Assert wrapper contains text
const title = wrapper.find('h1.title')[0]
expect(title.text()).to.equal('some text')
Inject globals
const $route = { path: '' }
const wrapper = mount(Foo, { 
    globals: {
Inject slots
const wrapper = mount(Foo, { 
    slots: {
        default: Foo
Set data
  someData: 'some data'

expect(wrapper.vm.someData).to.equal('some data')

Update props
  someProp: 'some prop',
  anotherProp: 'another prop'

For more examples, see the docs

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