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Collection great groups, channels, bots and libraries for Telegram

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A curated list of Telegram resources.

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  • @Stickers – Official Telegram stickers bot.
  • @Forbesbot – Official Forbes business news bot.
  • @TechCrunchBot – Official TechCrunch technology news bot.
  • @StoreBot – Telegram store bot.
  • @weatherman_bot - Bot shows weather in your city.
  • @AlertBot – Create alert to remember messages for you, work on groups to.
  • @comstatbot – I gather chats stats, visualize them and help you to engage your community.
  • @savevideobot – Download your favorite video from youtube and tens of other video sharing websites.
  • @zodiac_bot – Bot shows your horoscope.
  • @movieadviserbot – Advises best rated movie everyday.
  • @Cashgamebot – First ever online casino in telegram bot.
  • @githubgistbot - Bot uploads text and documents to GitHub Gist.
  • @nosticker_bot - Removes any sticker posted to the group
  • @daysandbox_bot - Removes link cointaining posts from user that joined group in recent 24 hours
  • @m00dbot - Open Source bot for self-testing of anxiety and depression.
  • @MiddlemanBot - Open Source - Message broker bot to translate HTTP calls into Telegram messages.
  • @ExpenseBot - Open Source - Bot for managing your daily financial expenses.
  • @voicybot - bot for translating voice recordings into text (speech-to-text)
  • @InviteMemberBot - membership bot platform for paid Telegram channels and groups
  • @podcastly_bot - Find new podcasts, deliver notification on new episods.
  • @YaDiskBot - Integration of Yandex.Disk. This bot can upload different files (photos, video, audio, etc.) to Yandex.Disk (cloud storage).
  • @StickerShirtsBot - Turn any Telegram Sticker into a cool T-Shirt
  • @selfmailbot — Forwards all messages to your inbox. For GTD geeks.
  • @joinhider_bot - bot to delete messages about user has joined or left chat
  • @watchdog_robot - bot to delete links, stickers, GIFs, video, photo and other types of messages in chat
  • @voicetranslatorbot - bot for translating voice messages into other languages (speech-to-speech).

Inline Bots

In all inline bots, you need to enter @botname, type words and wait for response (~1 second)

  • @gif – Official Animated GIFs.
  • @vid – Official YouTube videos.
  • @imdb – Official Movies from IMDB.
  • @wiki – Official Articles from Wikipedia.
  • @bing – Official Pictures from Bing.
  • @music – Official Classic music search.
  • @pic – Official Pictures from Yandex.
  • @bold – Official Highlight your message with bold, italic or fixed width.
  • @vote – Official Pool generator on your conversation.
  • @like – Official Like button after your message in conversation.
  • @foursquare – Official Share the venue with others from Foursquare.
  • @githubbot – Official notifications about events in your public GitHub.
  • @memingbot – Simple meme generator.
  • @guggybot – Translate your words on GIFs.
  • @HideItBot – Send hidden messages in your conversations.
  • @MacMagazineBot – Find news from MacMagazine webpage and share in your conversation.
  • @automemebot – Powerfull meme generator.
  • @myinstantsbot – Search sounds in Myinstants.
  • @dotaresponsesbot – Send Dota 2 responses as voice messages.
  • @relevantxkcdbot – Search XKCD comics.
  • @asciifacesbot – Bot that allows you to append ascii faces to your messages ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • @hidethisbot – Bot for hiding messages for/from certain people and sending spoilers.


  • @gamebot – Official telegram bot for HTML5 gaming.
  • @gamee – Official telegram bot for HTML5 gaming of Gamee platform.
  • @ludeiBot – Play Ludei games directly into your Telegram's chats.
  • @GamesHDBot – Provides HTML5 high quality games.
  • @awesomebot – Simple HTML5 games. All games are open source.
  • @minegame_bot – Play classic puzzle game directly in your messenger. The first visual interactive game bot.
  • @mytetrisbot – Tetris reborn! Create horizontal lines of ten and get points. Challenge your friends in MULTIPLAYER mode!
  • @unobot – UNO Bot.
  • @DefendTheCastle - Defend your castle and battle with other players.
  • @andystictactoebot - Open source tic-tac-toe game! Play versus bot or your friend using one device.

Bot Development

  • @BotFather – Official bot to create new bot accounts and manage your existing bots.
  • @BotSupport – Official bot for platform support.

Bot Libs


  • python-telegram-bot – We have made you a wrapper you can't refuse
  • pyTelegramBotAPI – A simple, but extensible Python implementation
  • telepot – Python framework for Telegram Bot API
  • permabots – Connect instant messaging bots (Telegram, Kirk and Messenger) to your APIs.
  • django-telegram-bot – Django app to write Telegram bots. Just define commands and how to handle them.
  • python-telegram-handler – A python logging handler that sends logs via Telegram Bot Api.
  • tgbot - Modular telegram group management bot
  • AIOGram - A pretty simple and fully asynchronous framework for Telegram Bot API.
  • telethon - Pure Python 3 MTProto API Telegram client library, for bots too!
  • pyrogram - Telegram MTProto API Python client library framework for users and bots.



  • ts-telegraf-decorators – This is a simple library that will allow you to use decorators and typescript. Based on telegraf

.Net (C#)

  • – Telegram Bot API - C# Client
  • TLSharp – Client library implemented in C#. Waiting for contributors!



  • php-telegram-bot – PHP Telegram Bot based on the official Telegram Bot API
  • telegram-bot-sdk – Telegram Bot API PHP SDK. Lets you build Telegram Bots easily! Supports Laravel out of the box
  • TelegramBot/Api – Native PHP Wrapper for Telegram BOT API
  • Tg-bot-api – Simple PHP Wrapper for Telegram BOT API, based on PSR-18 http-client
  • Quiec/Boting – Very basic and easy PHP Wrapper for Telegram BOT API
  • Nutgram – Fast, powerful and Laravel friendly PHP library to build from simple to the most complex Telegram bots


  • telegram-bot-api – Golang bindings for the Telegram Bot API.
  • telebot – Telegram bot framework written in Go
  • gotelebot – Implementation for the Telegram Bot API.
  • integram – Integrate Telegram into your workflow.
  • MTProto – Full native implementation of Telegram Client API on pure Go.
  • gotd – Telegram client, in pure Go. (MTProto API)




  • kotlogram - Easy to use and straightforward Kotlin (and Java) binding of Telegram API
  • kotlin-telegram-bot - A wrapper for the Telegram Bot API written in Kotlin.


  • Tourmaline - Batteries included Telegram bot API wrapper for Crystal


  • TeleDart - A Dart library interfacing with the latest Telegram Bot API.


  • fp-telegram - FreePascal wrapper for Telegram's bot API

Example by Telegram


  • botan – The most advanced analytics for your Telegram bot.
  • shell2telegram - Telegram bot constructor from command-line.
  • telegram-send - Send messages and files over Telegram from the command-line.


  • Another Storm – The most popular true dark theme for Telegram Desktop.
  • Dracula – A dark theme for Telegram Desktop




  • Telegram – The official Telegram news on Telegram.
  • BotNews – The official source for news about the Telegram Bot API.
  • Telegram Desktop – The official source for news about Telegram Desktop updates.
  • Durov's Channel – The official durov's (founder) channel.


  • Hacker Feed – Get latest updates from Information Security world.
  • WorldChannels – World catalog of Telegram Channels and Bots.
  • linuxgram – News and information from linux world.
  • HistoryInPictures – If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.
  • - Everyday quotes from formerly site
  • travelpics – Best photos from all over the world.
  • salvadordali1 – Great artists, Great works daily update.
  • hackernewsfeed – Top stories from Hacker News.
  • startupjobs – Job listing from startups.
  • sgexpo – Daily update of Singapore expo events.
  • geeksChannel – Join the telegram Army.
  • The Devs - The Devs community on Telegram.
  • Elixir Formula - Telegram channel for elixir developers and other people who interested in Elixir-lang.
  • Agile Methods - Books, blog posts, conferences and much more about agile methods.
  • Engineer Addict - Channel for those who interested in electronics and engineering.
  • Opensource Findings - Links and concise reviews on open-source tools, news, and talks about language-design, trends and fundamentals.
  • Cateinum - Relaxation channel, fresh cat picture every hour (at exactly XX:00).
  • CatOps - News and notes about DevOps, SRE, and more.

Bot Stores

Telegram Directory

  • TDirectory - Search popular Telegram Channels, Groups and Bots
  • - Telegram groups list, telegram group chat, telegram chat rooms, telegram groups to join

Community Forums



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