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Record, export and run tests with protractor for angular and non angular webapps

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Protractor Recorder

A web interface to record interactions and export to Protractor.


Example with more three interactions. This demo shows assertive with failure and success, after editing the value inside last action.

Alt Text


General options

  • Base URL;
  • Run speed;
  • List of available drivers;


  • Clicks on elements;
  • Send keys to inputs;
  • Assertions with mouse selection;
  • Mouse moves;
  • Duplicate actions;
  • Drag and drop actions to reorder;
  • Run actions while recording with 'Run from here' option.


  • Selenium Address;
  • Window maximize;
  • Tests with login pages;


  • NodeJs 4.x;
  • Npm 2.x;
  • Bower 1.x;
  • Gulp 3.x;
  • Protractor 3.x.

Getting Started

After install all dependencies successfully, clone this repository and change directory to 'protractor-recorder':

$ git clone
$ cd protractor-recorder

Execute the following commands to install npm and bower dependencies to Protractor Recorder:

$ npm install
$ bower install

Running Protractor Recorder

Now you will need run two different process, following the order:

#1 - Selenium Webdriver Manager

  • First, start selenium with Protractor Webdriver Manager:
$ webdriver-manager start

#2 - Protractor Recorder Material Interface

  • Start the Angular Material web interface, run:
$ gulp


  • Access http://localhost:3002/app
  • Enter a url base and click on 'Record' to start recording
  • After end up your test flow on Selenium browser's session, click on 'Export' to export conf.js and spec.js inside folder public/exports.
  • Click on 'Run' to see your test running with a new Selenium session.

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