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EC2 instance metadata proxy for linux containers

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A service that runs on an EC2 instance that proxies the EC2 instance metadata service for linux containers. The proxy overrides metadata endpoints for individual containers.

The following container platforms are supported:

At this point, the only endpoint overridden is the security credentials. This allows for different containers to have different IAM permissions and not just use the permissions provided by the instance profile. However, this same technique could be used to override any other endpoints where appropriate.

The proxy works by mapping the metadata source request IP to the container using the container platform specific API. The container's metadata contains information about what IAM permissions to use. Therefore, the proxy does not work for containers that do not use the container network bridge (for example, containers using "host" networking).



The host EC2 instance must have firewall settings that redirect any EC2 metadata connections from containers to the metadata proxy. The proxy will then process the request and may forward the request to the real metadata service.

The instance profile of the host EC2 instance must also have permission to assume the IAM roles for the containers.



Containers do not require any changes or modifications to utilize the metadata proxy. By default, they will receive the default permissions configured by the proxy. Alternatively, a container can be configured to use a separate IAM role or provide an IAM policy.



The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2014 Cory Thomas


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