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Djangy: an open source cloud hosting service for Python/Django web applications, inspired by Heroku.

Authors: Sameer Sundresh [email protected] Dave Paola [email protected]

Licensed under the UIUC-NCSA open source license (see LICENSE for details).

djangy.git layout

[email protected] -- symlink to user docs in webui/ install/ -- used to install/deploy djangy to a host conf/ -- configuration files installed on a host apache/ githooks/ post[email protected] gitosis.conf [email protected] rc.local sshkeys/ sslkeys/ misc/ src/ client/ -- code run by users on their own machine server/ master/ -- code run on the master node managementdatabase/ -- used by mastermanager, webui, webapi masterapi/ -- internal API used by webapi and webui mastermanager/ -- privileged operations of masterapi -- goes in githooks webapi/ -- django project for API called by client webui/ -- django project for website proxycache/ -- code run on the frontend nginx proxy/cache nodes nginx.conf proxycachemanager/ shared/ lib/ worker/ -- code run on the application worker nodes workermanager/ test/ -- test cases

generated files

run/ -- runtime environment; generated, not checked into repository python-virtual/ -- used by all server components mastermanager/sbin/ proxycachemanager/sbin/ worker_manager/sbin/

/srv layout

/srv/ bundles/ 0711 root root / 0550 bundles djangy/ 0510 root djangy gitosis/ 0700 gitosis gitosis localmanager/ 0700 root root logs/ 0710 root www-data <bundlename>/ 0710 root www-data

Notes: * djangy group = root, gitosis, www-data * = - * not 100% sure about all the permissions (e.g., logs)

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