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👏 A Chrome extension for Avgle and other interesting video sites. Downloader inside

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Chrome Avgle Helper

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A Chrome extension for a free community 一个给司机用的Chrome插件

Notice 注意

This extension is for research and learning only. Do not use it for illegal purposes
You can learn how to create Chrome extension, write Bash script and more from this repository ....

这个插件仅供用于研究学习. 请勿用于非法用途
你可以从这个仓库中学到如何创建 Chrome 插件, 编写 Bash 脚本等等 ...

Feature 功能

  1. download video 下载
  2. display video number friendly 车牌号

Install & Usage 安装 & 使用

简单来说: 安装

, 克隆这个仓库到本地, 从本地安装Chrome插件, 运行
  1. Install
    and understand the basic usage of
  2. Clone this repository into local computer.
  3. Install Chrome extension
    1. Navigate to
      in chrome.
    2. Check
      Developer mode
      on, then click
      Load Unpacked Extension
    3. Choose the folder
      under this project.
  4. Please read windows-libs/ If you are a Windows user (Windows 用户请读这个文档)
  5. Install download and merger scripts:
    • for Most Linux Systems / OS X / WSL:
      • ./ /usr/local/bin/
        ./ ~/bin
    • for Windows User (Git Bash / Cygwin):
      • ./
  6. Usage example:
    1. Download video follow command on the online player page by script
    2. Combine video files by script

🚀 Enable
multi-thread download mode 贼快

sudo apt install aria2 # Ubuntu
brew install aria2 # OS X

Contributing 贡献/修改代码

If you are interested in fixing issues and improving codes to this repository, you can get references from these places:

License 开源协议

Sources are licensed under the GPL-3.0 License.

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