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A download manager for Baidu Yun using Tampermonkey

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:octocat: baidu-pan-downloader :octocat:

A Baidu-yun storage downloader script using Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey

This repository contains a stub project for developing usercript extensions with React+Redux+[toolkit]+Typescript.

It uses
to change the webpack configuration to complile React code so that it can be included in a userscript.

In Firefox or Chrome, install Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey. You can then test the userscript by installing it here. Navigate to google and you should see a react component inserted at the bottom of the page.

🎅 Development


shell script
git clone
cd baidu-pan-downloader/
npm install
npm run build
After the build is complete, you should have a new version of userscript located at

Development and Dynamic loading

It's able to get the newest version of your script upon a page refresh when developing. To do this, copy the source from

or click here. The dev script will dynamically load the extension from port
, so you can take advantage of
's ability to auto-recompile an app when the source changes.

and run ```shell script npm start


🎁 Feature

You can add checked files to download list Modal through the download icon In the lower right corner of the page(

❄ Browser support:

Chrome:  ✅
Edge:    ✅
Firefox: ✅⚠(Required TampermonkeyBETA v4.11.6115 or higher)
Opera:   ⁉
Safari:  ⁉

📑 Changelog

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🀄 中文说明

点👉 here 查看中文版本说明

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