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A stream that converts excel spreadsheets into JSON object arrays.


// stream rows from the first sheet on the file
var excel = require('excel-stream')
var fs = require('fs')

fs.createReadStream('accounts.xlsx') .pipe(excel()) // same as excel({sheetIndex: 0}) .on('data', console.log)

// stream rows from the sheet named 'Your sheet name'
var excel = require('excel-stream')
var fs = require('fs')

fs.createReadStream('accounts.xlsx') .pipe(excel({ sheet: 'Your sheet name' })) .on('data', console.log)

stream options


object may have the same properties as csv-stream and these two additional properties:
  • sheet
    : the name of the sheet you want to stream. Case sensitive.
  • sheetIndex
    : the sheet number you want to stream (0-based).


npm install -g excel-stream
excel-stream < accounts.xlsx > account.json


newline delimited json:

excel-stream --newlines


each row becomes a javascript object, so input like

foo, bar, baz
  1,   2,   3
  4,   5,   6

will become

  foo: 1,
  bar: 2,
  baz: 3
}, {
  foo: 4,
  bar: 5,
  baz: 6

Don't Look Now

So, excel isn't really a streamable format. But it's easy to work with streams because everything is a stream. This writes to a tmp file, then pipes it through the unfortunately named j then into csv-stream



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