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Docker for Linux

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Docker CE for Linux

Getting Docker CE for Linux

"Docker CE for Linux" is specialized packages for common Linux distributions which are free to download.


If you don't understand something about Docker CE for Linux, the extensive documentation is a great place to look for answers.


Users from the Docker CE community trade tips and tricks and discuss Docker CE for Linux in the user forum.

Problems with the Docker CE for Linux deployment can be filed as issues in this (docker/for-linux) repository.

This Repository

This repository contains an issue tracker for Docker CE for Linux. If you find a problem with the software, first browse the existing issues or search from the bar at the top (

to focus) and then, if you don't find your issue, open a new issue.


Initially, issues are unlabeled. Issues are labeled in order to make tracking them easier. The meaning of the labels is roughly:

| Label | Meaning | |------------------|----------------------------------------------------| | area/cli | related to the Docker client | | area/engine | related to the Docker engine | | area/mounts | related to

bind mounts | | area/network | related to container networking | | area/startup | related to application installation or initialization | | area/storage | related to image and container storage (storage drivers) | | area/volumes | related to Docker volumes (volume drivers) | | kind/bug | this issue describes a defect | | kind/docs | this issue describes a documentation change | | kind/enhancement | this issue describes a change to existing functionality | | kind/feature | this issue describes totally new functionality | | kind/performance | this issue describes a performance problem or measurement | | status/0-triage | The issue needs triaging | | status/0-wont-fix | This issue will not be fixed and therefore can be closed | | status/0-more-info-needed | The issue needs more information before it can be triaged | | status/1-acknowledged | The issue has been triaged and is being investigated | | status/2-in-progress | The issue has been assigned to a engineer and is waiting a fix | | status/3-fixed | The issue has been fixed in
| | status/4-fix-released | The fix has been released! |

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