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A Python library for the Docker Engine API

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Docker SDK for Python

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A Python library for the Docker Engine API. It lets you do anything the

command does, but from within Python apps – run containers, manage containers, manage Swarms, etc.


The latest stable version is available on PyPI. Either add

to your
file or install with pip:
pip install docker

If you are intending to connect to a docker host via TLS, add

to your requirements instead, or install with pip:
pip install docker[tls]


Connect to Docker using the default socket or the configuration in your environment:

import docker
client = docker.from_env()

You can run containers:

>>>"ubuntu:latest", "echo hello world")
'hello world\n'

You can run containers in the background:

>>>"bfirsh/reticulate-splines", detach=True)

You can manage containers:

>>> client.containers.list()
[, , ...]

>>> container = client.containers.get('45e6d2de7c54')

>>> container.attrs['Config']['Image'] "bfirsh/reticulate-splines"

>>> container.logs() "Reticulating spline 1...\n"

>>> container.stop()

You can stream logs:

>>> for line in container.logs(stream=True):
...   print line.strip()
Reticulating spline 2...
Reticulating spline 3...

You can manage images:

>>> client.images.pull('nginx')

>>> client.images.list() [, , ...]

Read the full documentation to see everything you can do.

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