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Scripts to make docker easier to use.

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These are scripts that make common docker activities easier.

The contents currently include:

docker-enter : This is my own variation of a script to use nsenter to run an additional command within a container. This is superceeded by "docker exec"

docker-rebase : This a script that performs a function simmilar to docker commit. But rather than adding to an existing image's history, it creates a new image via "docker export" and "docker import" and then creates a dockerfile within a pipe to set all the same settings.

bridge-default-route : Create a bridge for the default route. This is useful in combinations with the next script as a way to make docker containers accessible from other hosts

docker-bridge : Connect a docker container to a bridge.

EXAMPLE: Creating a bridge accessible on the local network.

First create a bridge, br0, for your default route:

# bridge-default-route br0

Now go-ahead and create your containers with no network:

# CONTAINER=$(docker run -d --net=none -t -i fedora /bin/bash -i)

Finally connect your container to your bridge with a static ip address.

# docker-bridge "$CONTAINER" address bridge br0 broadcast gateway

In this example, my router is The static IP address I assigned to the container is

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