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Twitter like notify bar

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jQuery Notify bar

Please visit the project page for feedback and other details.

Simple plugin (basically it's not a plugin, but widget) to show notify bar (like on Twitter's webpage). It's very simple to use:


> bower install jqnotifybar


jQuery(function () {
    html: "Thank you, your settings were updated!",
    delay: 2000,
    animationSpeed: "normal"

Usage position at bottom

jQuery(function () {
    html: "Hi from below!",
    cssClass: "Appear at bottom",
    position: "bottom"


Option Description Type Default
html What text will be inside bar. Can be HTML or just text. String [optional] "Your message here"
delay How long bar will be delayed, doesn't count animation time. Integer [optional] 2000
animationSpeed How long this bar will be slided up and down. String | Integer "normal"
jqObject Custom jQuery object for notify bar. jQuery object [optional] null
cssClass You can define own CSS class for Notify bar. There are too premade classes "error", "warning" and "success". String ""
close If set to true close button will be displayed. Boolean false
closeText Sets the text to close button. String "Close [X]"
closeOnClick If enabled, user can hide notify bar just by click on it. Boolean true
closeOnOver If enabled, user can hide notify bar just by moving mouse cursor on it (suitable for really lazy people). Boolean false
waitingForClose If enabled, notify bar don't close until user presses the close button. Boolean true
onBeforeShow Callback on before show. function null
onShow Callback on show. function null
onBeforeHide Callback on before hide. function null
onHide Callback on hide. function null
position Set the position of notify bar. Possible values are top, bottom. string "top"

Please visit the project page for feedback and other details.

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