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Simple object persistence with boltdb

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This package provides a persistence manager for objects backed by bbolt (orig. boltdb).

package main

import ( "encoding/gob" "fmt" "log"

bolt "" "" )

func main() { // Create a boltdb (bbolt fork) database db, err := bolt.Open("my.db", 0600, nil) if err != nil { log.Fatal(err) }

// Open/Create a Json-encoded Store, Xml and Gob are also built-in // We'll store a greeting and person in a boltdb bucket named "people" peopleStore := stow.NewJSONStore(db, []byte("people"))

peopleStore.Put("hello", Person{Name: "Dustin"})

peopleStore.ForEach(func(greeting string, person Person) { fmt.Println(greeting, person.Name) })

// Open/Create a Gob-encoded Store. The Gob encoding keeps type information, // so you can encode/decode interfaces! sayerStore := stow.NewStore(db, []byte("greetings"))

var sayer Sayer = Person{Name: "Dustin"} sayerStore.Put("hello", &sayer)

var retSayer Sayer sayerStore.Get("hello", &retSayer) retSayer.Say("hello")

sayerStore.ForEach(func(sayer Sayer) { sayer.Say("hey") }) }

type Sayer interface { Say(something string) }

type Person struct { Name string }

func (p Person) Say(greeting string) { fmt.Printf("%s says %s.\n", p.Name, greeting) }

func init() { gob.Register(&Person{}) }


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