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Font Awesome icons as .png, ready for use with Balsamiq

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Font Awesome icons for Balsamiq

Rendered png Font Awesome icons for use with wireframing tool Balsamiq.


Balsamiq 2.x.x

  1. Set up your Account Assets Folder first, if it's already set up you can skip this step:
    • On Windows and Linux, create a directory called
      Balsamiq Mockups
      inside your
      directory. Inside the new
      Balsamiq Mockups
      directory, create a new directory called
    • On Mac OS X, create a folder called
      Balsamiq Mockups
      inside your
      folder. Inside the new
      Balsamiq Mockups
      folder, create a new folder called
  2. Download the pack and unzip the files.
  3. Move the icons from the unzipped
    folder to your asset folder (created in step 1).
  4. After you restart Balsamiq, the icons will be available under 'Account Assets' when you want to select an icon in the Icon Library. They are also searchable through their official Font Awesome names.

Balsamiq 3.x.x

The release of Balsamiq 3 comes with built-in support for Font Awesome, so you no longer need to install the icons seperately. The people at Balsamiq wrote a nice blog post about why they switched if you want to know more. By integrating into Balsamiq directly this project has become obsolete. Thanks for all the support :raised_hands:.

Extracting SVG from font files

We have added

which was used to convert font glyphs to svg files which were then converted to


Special thanks to for creating a script that makes it easy to render images from the Font Awesome font.


All licenses that apply to Font Awesome apply to this project. See the Font Awesome License page.

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