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Reuse the previous version of a value unless it has changed

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Reuse the previous version of a value unless it has changed


npm install --save-dev use-memo-value


If you don't know all the members of an object, you may want to use a "shallow compare" to memoize the value so you can rely on React's referential equality (such as in

useEffect(..., deps)
import useMemoValue from "use-memo-value"

function MyComponent(props) { let rawParams = getCurrentUrlQueryParams() // we don't know the shape of this object let memoizedParams = useMemoValue(rawParams)

useEffect(() => { search(memoizedParams) }, [memoizedParams])

// ... }

Note: If you know the shape of your object, you are likely better off not using this library.

If you need to customize how the values are compared, you can pass a comparator as a second argument:

let memoizedValue = useMemoValue(rawValue, (nextValue, previousValue) => {
  return, b) // or whatever

The comparator will not be called until there's a new value.

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