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A class remix of the Komada Bot Framework

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Let's stop reinventing the wheel, and start coding the bots of our dreams!

Klasa is an OOP discord.js bot framework which aims to be the most feature complete, while feeling like a consistent extension of discord.js.

Originally based on Komada, Klasa has become a ship of Theseus, keeping many similarities with the former framework but with many enhancements and extra features.

What's with the name?

Following suit from Komada (the Croatian word for "pieces"), Klasa is the Croatian word for "class". By the same token, Klasa is modular, and each module is a piece of a puzzle you use to build your own bot. And you can replace, enhance, reload or remove these pieces; the difference is that Klasa uses classes.


  • Abstracted database handler, works with any database, or atomically written JSON (by default).
  • Easy and powerful command system, featuring usage string, dependent arguments, and custom types.
  • Easy and powerful to configure the permission levels system.
  • Easy to create your own pieces and structures!
  • Editable commands with quoted string support and custom parameter delimiter.
  • Flag arguments.
  • Full OOP and hot-reloadable pieces.
  • Full personalizable configuration system that can serve for much more than just guilds.
  • Incredibly fast loading (~100ms) with deep loading for commands.
  • Per-command cooldowns with bucket support and easy to configure.
  • Many different pieces and standalone utils to help you build the bot of your dreams!
    • Commands: The most basic piece, they run when somebody types the prefix and the command name or any of its aliases.
    • Events: Hot-reloadable structures for events, with internal error handling.
    • Extendables: Easily extend Klasa or discord.js.
    • Finalizers: Structures that run after successful command run.
    • Inhibitors: Middleware that can stop a command from running (blacklist, permissions...).
    • Languages: Easy internationalization support for your bot!
    • Monitors: Watch every single message your bot receives! They're perfect for no-mention-spam, swear word filter, and so on!
    • Providers: You can have one, or more, they're interfaces for the settings system and ensures the data is written correctly!
    • Serializers: These allow you to change how the Settings system reads, writes, and displays information.
    • Tasks: Pieces that handle scheduled tasks.

Time to get started!

See the following tutorial on how to get started using Klasa.

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