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A variety of examples showing how to use Physics with Hand Tracking and URP.

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Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Physic Examples (URP)

This repository contain a variety of examples showing how to use Physic components in Unity such as joints, rigidbodies, and capsule colliders with Oculus Integration Hand Tracking capsules.

Note: This is similar to OculusQuestHandTrackingPhysics the main difference here is that I am now using URP as a rendering pipeline, take a look at the Effects.unity scene which shows how to use volume effects.

Unity Demo Scenes

|Scenes|| |---|---| |VFXFollow.unity|VFXPixels.unity| ||| |Effects.unity|Effects.unity| ||| |Buttons.unity|Buttons.unity| ||| |CubesAndBalls.unity|CubesAndBalls.unity| ||| |HandTrackingWithHingeJoints.unity|HandTrackingWithHingeJoints.unity| |||

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