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Install ioquake3 on macOs in one command (unofficial)

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ioQuake3 Arena


This is an UNOFFICIAL ioquake3 version

Please do not report issues in the ioquake3 official repository. This project is not related to them and is totally independent.

[ ✔ ] macOs Catalina compatible


ioquake3 for macOs can be installed with only one instruction

curl -L | sh


rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Quake3 /Applications/ioquake3

How to extend

Step 1: Open the application folder

open ~/Library/Application\ Support/Quake3

Step 2: Copy your files

Just drag and drop your mods, maps and models inside.


  • macOs 10.7 or later


| package | description | |------------------------------- |------------------------------------------------ | | ioquake3 1.36 for macOs | Quake3 arena (improved engine) for macOs v1.36 | | ioquake3 latest pk3 files | Latest pk3 files (point release patches) | | CPMA 1.52 | Challenge pro mode arena mod v1.52 | | CPMA Map Pack | Set of maps and dependencies for CPMA | | High Resolution Textures Pack | High resolution textures | | Complementary HQ Textures | Complementary textures in high quality | | Quake 3 Live Sounds Pack | Quake3 live audios + high quality sounds | |

Quake 3 HD Weapons | Quake3 new 2019 weapons re-textures |


What is this?

ioquake3 mac install pretends to be the one unified and most simply way to install quake3 arena on mac computers. This includes a lot of improvements like high quality textures, improved sounds, most knowed mods, etc.

What is the ioquake3 engine?

Please visit:

Troubleshooting can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer

Go to

System Preferences > Security & Privacy Settings
and click button:
open anyway

Read more:


The here included was compiled directly from ioquake3 source code repository.

Last Updated (2020-12-23)

This version includes commits to date Nov. 17, 2020 "[sdl] Turn tentative definition into actual definition."


Diego Ulloa @diegoulloao

You can visit my website:



Read the LICENSE

@diegoulloao · 2020

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