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📄 Create PDF files using React

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React renderer for creating PDF files on the browser and server

How to install

yarn add @react-pdf/renderer

How it works

import React from 'react'; import { Document, Page, Text, View, StyleSheet } from '@react-pdf/renderer'; // Create styles const styles = StyleSheet.create({ page: { flexDirection: 'row', backgroundColor: '#E4E4E4' }, section: { margin: 10, padding: 10, flexGrow: 1 } }); // Create Document Component const MyDocument = () =\> ( <page size="A4" style="{}">
      <view style="{styles.section}">
        <text>Section #1</text>
      <view style="{styles.section}">
        <text>Section #2</text>


Render in DOM

import React from 'react'; import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'; import { PDFViewer } from '@react-pdf/renderer'; const App = () =\> ( <pdfviewer>
  </pdfviewer>); ReactDOM.render(<app></app>, document.getElementById('root'));


Save in a file

import React from 'react'; import ReactPDF from '@react-pdf/renderer'; ReactPDF.render(<mydocument></mydocument>, `${__dirname}/example.pdf`);


For each example, try opening


to see the result.

Text |
Images |
Resume |
Fractals |

Knobs |
Page wrap |

To run the examples, first clone the project and install the dependencies:

sh git clone cd react-pdf yarn install

Then, run

yarn example -- <example-name></example-name>
sh yarn example -- fractals


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].


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Thank you to all our backers! [Become a backer]


MIT © Diego Muracciole

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