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react-code-splitting ✂️

is an "old" library, React has implemented a great solution since and it's called React.lazy go get it !

You're working on a great app powered by React, bundled with webpack and your bundle size increases ... You're in the right place to solve this modern JS apps nightmare.


  • You're using Webpack 2+
  • You've polyfilled Promise to support old browser


Without code splitting

 are loaded at the first start
import Login from './Login'
import Home from './Home'

const App = ({ user }) => (

{user.loggedIn ? : }



With code splitting

You're not logged in ?

 component is the only loaded, 
 will be loaded when the user will be logged in.

Use componentProps to pass props to lazy loaded component.

import Async from 'react-code-splitting'

import Login from './Login' const Home = () => const LostPassword = props =>

const App = ({ user }) => (

{user.loggedIn ? <route path="/" component="{Home}"></route> : <redirect to="/login"></redirect>}
<route path="/login" component="{Login}"></route>
<route path="/lostpassword" component="{LostPassword}"></route>


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