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:large_orange_diamond: A fantastic mobile ui lib implement by Vue

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A fantastic mobile ui lib implement by Vue.


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New cube-ui project ?

Recommend use the CLI tools base on vue-cli to init the config and base code:

$ vue init cube-ui/cube-template projectname


npm install cube-ui --save


import Vue from 'vue' import Cube from 'cube-ui' Vue.use(Cube)

Use modularized cube-ui

import Vue from 'vue' import { /\* eslint-disable no-unused-vars \*/ Style, Button, ActionSheet } from 'cube-ui' Vue.use(Button) Vue.use(ActionSheet)

For more information, please refer to Quick Start


git clone [email protected]:didi/cube-ui.git cd cube-ui npm install npm run dev # or run document development npm run doc-dev


Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes.

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