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An implementation of CRNN (CNN+LSTM+warpCTC) on MxNet for chinese text recognition

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This is an implementation of CRNN (CNN+LSTM+CTC) for chinese text recognition.

Building MXNet with warp-ctc

  1. In order to use
    layer, you need to first build Baidu's warp-ctc library from source
  2. Then build MXNet from source with warp-ctc config flags enabled.

Data Preparation

  1. Download the Synthetic Chinese Dataset(contributed by and many thanks)

A glance of the dataset: * almost 3.6 million synthetic chinese text images. * 5,990 different categories in total. * each image has a length of 10 characters.

  1. Create train.txt and text.txt with the format like this:
           image_name1 label1_1 label1_2 label1_3...
           image_name2 label2_1 label2_2 label2_3...
    Optional: downoad the two files here


  1. Modify the path of images and txt files in
  2. Run
    $ python 2>&1 | tee log.txt
  3. After almost 19 epoches, you can get 99.0502% validation accuracy.
    2018-04-01 03:35:35,136 Epoch[18] Batch [25450] Speed: 53.10 samples/sec    accuracy=0.988125
    2018-04-01 03:37:37,482 Epoch[18] Batch [25500] Speed: 52.31 samples/sec    accuracy=0.986719
    2018-04-01 03:39:38,613 Epoch[18] Batch [25550] Speed: 52.84 samples/sec    accuracy=0.989531
    2018-04-01 03:41:40,470 Epoch[18] Batch [25600] Speed: 52.52 samples/sec    accuracy=0.987969
    2018-04-01 03:42:27,544 Epoch[18] Train-accuracy=0.988672
    2018-04-01 03:42:27,544 Epoch[18] Time cost=80796.510
    2018-04-01 03:42:27,610 Saved checkpoint to "./check_points/model-0019.params"
    2018-04-01 05:34:43,096 Epoch[18] Validation-accuracy=0.990502
    Hare is a pre-trained model you can download directly.

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