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Backup your vault with git

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Obsidian Git

Simple plugin that allows you to backup your vault to a remote git repository (e.g. private repo on GitHub). This plugin assumes you have existing git repository initialized locally and credentials are setup.

On advantages of backing up your vault with git I suggest reading this amazing article by @tallguyjenks. You can find a "how-to" on git repository setup there as well, this plugin does not expose an interface to initialize git repository (yet).

Synergises well with GitJournal mobile markdown note taking app.

How to use

With this plugin enabled, you are able to configure the following:

  • Automatic vault backup every X minutes
  • Pull changes from remote repository on Obsidian startup
  • Assign hotkeys for pulling/pushing changes to a remote repository

Note: it is recommended to exclude obsidian workspace cache files from the repository (or even whole

directory) due to potential noise in the git history.

If you'd like to do that, scroll to the bottom for a short guide.


Custom plugins are only available for Obsidian v0.9.7+.


From within Obsidian

If you have Obsidian 0.9.8+, you can install this plugin from "Settings > Third Party Plugins > Obsidian Git".

Manual installation

Download zip archive from GitHub releases page. Extract the archive into


Alternatively, using bash:

mkdir -p $OBSIDIAN_VAULT_DIR/.obsidian/plugins
unzip ~/Downloads/ -d $OBSIDIAN_VAULT_DIR/.obsidian/plugins
Excluding Obsidian cache files from repository

To exclude cache files from the repository, create

file in the root of your vault and add the following lines: ``` .obsidian/ # to exclude Obsidian workspace settings (including plugin and hotkey configurations)


.obsidian/workspace # to exlude workspace cache

Add below lines to exclude OS settings and caches

.trash/ .DS_Store ```

If you have any kind of feedback or questions, feel free to reach out via GitHub issues or

on Obsidian Discord server.

If you like what I do, you could consider buying me a coffee. It is unnecessary, but appreciated :)

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