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Screen Space Global Illumination for Unity Universal Render Pipeline

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Screen Space Global Illumination for Universal Render Pipeline. It's a port of a SSGI shader wrote by Martins Upitis for the Godot Engine. It's adapted to work as a render feature for Unity's Universal Render Pipeline.

Keep in mind it's a simple implementation of SSGI and it's not perfect. Performances are good if you keep noise and sample count low.


  • Unity 2019.3+
  • Universal Render Pipeline 7.2+
  • Depth Texture Enabled
  • Tested on Windows 10

Debug SSGI Enabled

Enabled SSGI Disabled


| Parameter | Role | |-----------|------| | SamplesCount | How many samples to use. A value between 8 and 16 is fine for performances | | IndirectAmount | Indirect GI Boost. No cost on performances | | NoiseAmount | Add some noise to the final render, impact performances, keep it lower to 2 | | Noise | Enable or not the noise |


  • Create or open a URP project
  • Open the Package Manager window
  • Add this repository as a package by clicking on the + icon
  • Past
  • Add a new SSGI Render Feature to your Renderer
  • Use the SSGI material
  • Have fun!


This project is released under the MIT license, like the original shader.

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