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This repository is an example for a good public repository README page.

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Project Logo

**Note* - Add a project logo or a banner - You can use Canva to make your own logo and make it look more professional, or you can pay a few dollars for logo at Fiverr or similar alternative.


This repository is an example for a good public repository README page. One of the most crucial things in your open source project is the file, make your repository look good, useful, easy to understand and use.

**Note* - There is a difference between the 'Read me' page of your public repository and the private one, according to the monetization path you've chose. For example, if you choose the 'Dual Licens' model, you should write in your public (GPL copyleft) license repository what extra features can be found in the private MIT license at xs:code and of course add a link to it, another example, if you chose the 'Open Core - Freemium' model, you should also attach a link and write in the public repository the maintanance and support offers for the Pro version.

Static Code Analysis

Make it easy for users to see the project progress and many other indicators, Check out to use or make your own badges:

xscode version build contributors coverage backers downloads dependencies code analysis grade rating Gitter Twitter Follow Subreddit subscribers

Demo / Demo GIF

Make a GIF with any GIF maker / screen recorder and show users how this project works.

Demo GIF

via on GIPHY

Check out the Demo (Add a real link to your demo version)

Table of Contents

You can include a table of contents in order to allow other developers to navigate

(especially if you have a long and detailed README).


Here you should say what prerequisites you need to have in order to use the project.

System Requirements:


Step by step instullation explanation, or a quick introduction of the minimal setup you need to get a hello world up & running.

packagemanager install Public-README-Sample
Public-README-Sample start
Public-README-Samplet "Help mw promote my repo!"  # prints "YES."

Here you should say what actually happens when you execute the code above.

Initial Configuration

Some projects require initial configuration (e.g. access tokens or keys,

npm i
). This is the section where you would document those requirements.


Instruct developers on how to use your project after they’ve installed it. This would also be a good place to include screenshots of your project in action.


Running tests

Explain how to run the automated tests for this project

Tests examples

Built With

If your project needs some additional steps for the developer to build the project after some code changes, state them here:

make install


Here add a link to your Documentation file. it's very important to have a well and updated documentation of your project. Check out this great and easy documentaion tool - 

What's Included? (Features)

Here add a list of the features included in the project.

  • The main functionality of this project
  • Does another thing
  • Also do this - Available only in the license version at xs:code
  • And more - Available only in the license version at xs:code

**Note* - Some features are only available in the Premmisive license version at xs:code


Here you should write what are all of the configurations a user can enter when using the project.

Argument 1



'default value'

Argument 2


Default: 120

State what the argument does and how you can use it. If needed, provide an example.


Public-README-Sample "Some other value"  # Prints "Starting to look like a great README!"


Contributions are always welcome! If you'd like to contribute, please read our contributors guidelines, fork the repository and use a feature branch.

**Note* - Add a link to '' file for deatils on your code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to you.


Even though this information can be found inside the project on machine-readable format like in a .json file, it's good to include a summary of most useful links to developers that are using your project. You can include links like:

  • Project homepage:
  • Repository:
  • Issue tracker:

**Note* - In case of sensitive bugs like security vulnerabilities, please contact [email protected] directly instead of using issue tracker. We value your effort to improve the security of this project!

  • Related projects:
    • A link to the Premmisive MIT license version of this project:

## Support & Maintenance **Note* - Support & Maintenance are only available in the Premmisive MIT license version at xs:code

## Contributors A Huge thank you to all our contributors for the maintaining and support this project. Keep on making it better!

**Note* - You can also use the Emoji Key and all-contributors bot to automate acknowledging contributors to your projects.

## Autor This README example is made with :blue_heart: by xs:code

## Licensing This project is licensed under the GPL-3.0 license.

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