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Chinese OCR with TensorFlow

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A Chinese OCR with TensorFlow

*** Warning: The source codes in this repository may not work well with the latest version of Tensorflow. ***

To play around, follow these steps:

1/ Use Ocropy to generate Chinese character images. linegen is the tool used. You will need a font file. Put the images under folder

2/ Run to generate the labels on images.

3/ Run tf/ to convert the images and labels in Tensorflow format.

4/ Modify the tf/ for the characters you want to recognise.

5/ Run tf/ to train a model. The training will save a checkpoint on a regular interval.

6/ In receipt, run the to generate the images which may contain Chinese characters. You will have a "bw" folder containing all images. Run: python {image filename}

7/ Test the model by running: python {the name of your model} {the image to be recognised}




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