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Bringing the where statement to the Firebase Database.

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Bringing the .where() statement to the Firebase Database

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Querybase is in an experiment and not for production apps/sites/anything.

Cloud Firestore makes this library irrelevant as it has much more complex querying.

What is Querybase?

  • .where() - Find records by up to three fields.
  • No client-side filtering - Querybase genererates composite keys to provide querying on multiple fields.
  • Simple Query API - Use common query methods such as
    , and
  • Lightweight - 1.87 kB (gzipped)


npm install querybase --save

Use via unpkg

Example usage

Querybase takes a Firebase Database reference with a list of fields to create composite keys. You can only use up to three fields. Any more would create a crazy amount of composite keys in the database.

Querying using multiple fields

 const databaseRef = firebase.database().ref().child('people');
 const querybaseRef = querybase.ref(databaseRef, ['name', 'age', 'location']);

// Automatically handles composite keys querybaseRef.push({ name: 'David', age: 27, location: 'SF' });

// Find records by multiple fields // returns a Firebase Database ref const queriedDbRef = querybaseRef .where({ name: 'David', age: 27 });

// Listen for realtime updates queriedDbRef.on('value', snap => console.log(snap));

Querying using one field

Querybase also provides rich querying methods for single fields.

 const databaseRef = firebase.database.ref().child('people');
 const querybaseRef = querybase.ref(databaseRef, []);
 // Querybase for single criteria, returns a Firebase Ref
 querybaseRef.where({ name: 'David'});

// Querybase for a single string criteria, returns // a QuerybaseQuery, which returns a Firebase Ref querybaseRef.where('name').startsWith('Da'); querybaseRef.where('age').lessThan(30); querybaseRef.where('age').greaterThan(20); querybaseRef.where('age').between(20, 30);

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